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About Us

Take a look behind the scenes at the IIU Team. Maybe we're just a little weirder than your average group of friends than you thought...

How we came to be...

The IIU/UII Awards was created on February 9th, 2013. It has been inspired by SKoW Awards, that was this award system created for FictionPress. When this place just started, things went pretty slow. Like really slow, we are speeding up now, and trying to get more submissions!

Why the name?

What does IIU/UII Awards stand for? Well, at first we were called the Dreaming of Stars Awards. But then we thought it was too generic. So we changed it to the what it is now. A lot of people ask why there is this extra 'U' before/after the 'II' (you can say it either way, IIU, or UII are fine). Illuminated Imagination's full name is Unlimited Illuminated Imagination (or the Unlimited at the back), but that was too long, so we shortened it. There are people who say just II, and drop the 'U' (or IIUA, UIIA, IIA, or just plain Illuminated). You are welcome to say all :)  


Currently somewhere in The Selection Kiera Cass. Having mixed feelings about it right now.
When I like a song, I listen to it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It's quite ridiculous, but right now, it's Lego House Ed Sheeran. I'm writing a book and trying to get it published trying, mind you. It's going pretty well. We'll see where it goes. Maybe I"ll publish it on fictionpress. Maybe.

Contact me!

Email: waterbluewings@gmail.com
IG: waterbluewings
Fanfiction: fanfiction.net/~waterbluewings
Blog: waterbluewings.blogspot.com

I'm kind of in charge of our BlogSpot one. And Krysti kind of mans our Tumblr one. So when you look at them... they're kind of different..

Really different.

Annyyyways. I usually do fanfiction and Krysti does original :) But she still does fanfiction and I still do original. It's okay :)

as you can see I am unusually perky.       v
I am not usually like this. ;)

~Miss. Waters


Sadly, I'm as normal as you think I am. Right now, my main obsessions are Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. I write a little which you can find on my fanfiction. I will be at the March 23rd event for Cassie Clare's Clockwork Princess Bus tour. So if you see me,  come introduce yourself! As it says above, I manage the tumblr, which as of the moment is still under construction, so I'm very sorry, but  it should be done in a week or two. I will also mainly judge the original short stories.

You can find me on my tumblr or fanfiction. Or just contact Audrey and she can just tell me.

Personal Tumblr: dreamreadlove.tumblr.com
Fanfiction: fanfiction.net/~heartBOOKS


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