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Rules and Guidelines

Please follow these rules if you want to submit anything :)

  • Nothing too inappropriate (content, words; but if you must, please keep it at a minimum)
  • Nothing that might make an argument to arise
  • Don't hate us if you don't make it. You might make it somewhere else.
  • Please, no more than 2-3 submissions
  • Tumblr submissions is now open!
  • You can vote by PM us through fanfiction
  • Also through email
  • *Please put the author's name and the story (if all that's needed is the author's name, don't put a story title)
  • You can vote for yourself, though voting for someone else is highly encouraged
  • Tumblr voting is now open! (through ask/message)
  • These are different from submissions. Submissions are your own work. Nominations are to recommend someone else's work
  • Tell us the author name and the story title.
  • The author will be alerted.
  • Challenges are usually for one-shots and short stories
  • These don't last long too
  • Check in here every so often and challenges will be changed
  • Please follow Submission/Nomination guidelines
  • Prompts are usually for novellas/novels
  • These usually go one for a few months
  • Prompts are bigger than Challenges, so these will happen only during school breaks (winter break, spring break)
  • Please follow Submission/Nomination guidelines
  • We will give out occasional reviews
  • You can ask for an reviews, please include link, author, and title.



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