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Please don't ask any of the questions in the ChatBox that are listed here:

When is the next challenge/prompt?
I suggest you subscribe so you'll get to know. Challenges are issued randomly. You can also follow our Tumblrs/Blogs:

How do I know I've won?
Go to the challenges, or look up on our Tumblrs/Blogs. Usually the Winner of the 'current challenge'/ 'current prompt' will be up on the Welcome Post-it
If you won, you will be alerted.

Where can I contact the IIU Team?
Go the About Us page, and there should be our contact information.

Can I be part of the IIU Team?
We would love to have one of you guys part of our team! If you'd like to be part of it, please fill out this form:
Application Form

What if I don't have a BlogSpot/tumblr/fanfiction account?
The DAS Team is sorry, but so far we don't really support any other fanfiction sites currently. If you know any other fanfiction site other than fanfiction.net, you can contact us.
If you don't have a BlogSpot, it would be recommended that you create one, so voting will be fairer. You can also vote through Tumblr. You can also vote through fanfiction. You can also vote through our contact info.

I'm late to the deadline, can I still enter?
Chances are you can. But if it's like 1-2 weeks late, than the chances are it's not going to go through. If it's 1-3 days late, then probably.

What are your favorite stories on fanfiction/fictionpress?
There should be a tab on our account profiles where it lists all of our favorite stories. You can always go there.


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